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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book A Photo Shoot

When we were kids there wasn’t as much of a movement for women to love their bodies as they are, to love their flaws et al. We were under the impression that you should kinda keep disliking yourself until you looked like someone from a  magazine, which is weird because we didn’t grow up with trendy mags in the mailbox or MTV on the tube. And also weird because eventually Amy ended up in magazines.

The mindset of a woman – or at least these two women and most women we know – is a never-ending cycle in your head of telling yourself what you should be, what your body should look like, and holding the bar of satisfaction always just far enough away from yourself to be an “if only I…” response to any compliment you might accept from others – or God forbid, from yourself.

A big part of the time we spend with our work is sharing photos of our clients with them.  Sitting next to them, reviewing images, selecting the favorites. We love this time together with you. Coffee in hand. Connecting. Laughing. Celebrating your life. And we also noticed a trend on how hard we women are on ourselves, us included. “If only” we had dropped 15 lbs, or had a different haircut, or better wrinkle cream, or whatever. Fill in the blank with your own dissatisfaction.

But here’s the thing: What we see when we look at images of you is a beautiful person.  Honestly. Truly. So then we started to reflect on our perceptions of ourselves.  The way we talk about our own bodies. The bodies that have carried our babies. Carried us across continents and borders. Given us joy and laughter and resilience and life itself.

Eventually, over time, we started following different bloggers who were leaps and bounds ahead of us with this realization.  Women who already knew that this negative self-talk was not only a waste of time, but the product of an industry that profits from us always wanting to be better, or different, or improved.

We dug in and found a blogger in St. Paul who’s voice inspires us and who’s style is on point. A supermodel who ain’t sorry. And an Instragrammer who stopped the negative self talk and compares her body from today and two years ago – same body, different perception.

We worked on this mentality ourselves, and suddenly we had so much more free space in our heads to think about so many other things. We talk about how we look at photos from our past and how dang cute we were but we didn’t even know it. Why would we wait to love ourselves then? Why would we wait for anything?

Live your life now, you guys. You’re alive now. Today. Do what you need to do, what you want to do, get after it and don’t waste this time. Your time. This is it.


The Woodford Sisters

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