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Headshots vs. Career Lifestyle: Which type of photography do you need for work?

WE GET SO EXCITED ABOUT HEADSHOTS! It’s a celebration of how you spend your days, what you intend to contribute to the world. And we totally get it that your career does not have to define you, or be the limit of what you contribute, or the max, or your entire identity.  But let’s face it: We work a lot in this country. We spend a lot of time in the grind, in that 9 to 5, and if it’s true that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives then…ya know. Your career kinda matters.

Our sister is a colorist in Chicago (and was voted best in the city by Allure magazine a couple years ago!) and really, though she’s super talented at what she does at the salon, she’s really like a therapist. People tell her everything.

Amy and I have an accountant who manages our books. They do my husband’s books too. But really, they save our souls by keeping us in line, keeping us square and up to date.

Not every title is fancy but so many of them are important. Without bus drivers people couldn’t commute to work and school. Without nurses we’d basically all crumble and cry. Without plumbers we’d all live in our own, ya know, that stuff.

So it stands to reason that what you do with your career matters. And people need headshots and photography for their work when they’re going for something new, trying for a promotion, starting a new gig, selling their work, sharing their mission and values, marketing, retiring, or just because it feels really damn good to have a good portrait of yourself.

But which kind do YOU need?

Sometimes people need a standard headshot. Facing head on, not much creativity, just a clean image that shows your face from the chest up. But more often, of late, these images are communicating more than just your face. Even if it’s meant for something kinda standard, a traditional headshot can still show who you are. Like these of a realtor in Minneapolis.

And sometimes YOU are the brand. YOU are the business. Your name, your style, your touch, your input: These can communicated on an even more personal level than our traditional headshots in our studio. Find a spot that is you, your work, your style.

Your home.  Your office. A neutral spot.

For Laura Engen’s headshots we went with more of a career lifestyle shoot.  She’s a designer in Minneapolis and has the best sense of style, she’s so organized, and she carries a clear vision for what she wants. Her studio acted as the perfect backdrop to communicate what it’s like to work with her.

So, if you’re wondering what you need, ask these questions:

  • Where will I use the photos? Social media? Work conferencing? Google profiles? Magazine features? Mailers? Signatures? Brochures? Speaking engagements?
  • Who is my audience? Who will view these and what do I want them to think?
  • Am I polishing exclusively or doing regular marketing?
  • Do I need one or many?
  • Would my audience benefit from a larger snapshot of my style?

Ultimately, the idea is simply to polish your overall brand. We can consult about which path to head down for the style of your headshots so you can walk away feeling like you’ve got the best branding in your pocket to launch forward!

Learn more here. WE CAN’T WAIT!


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