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Your Photography, Not Ours

A few years ago we were in turbo-learning mode, absorbing everything we could about the world of photography and being a photographer. We often say we walked backward into Woodford Sisters. Sort of like how you fall in love with your best guy friend – you had no idea the potential that was bubbling underneath, but it was there all along.

When we started learning how to live life from art, we had to learn about a lot of the behind-the-scenes technical stuff, like taxes and copyright. We entered into the abyss of forums with people spending way too much time arguing over what they were entitled to rather than what was right.  Sometimes we learn best when we see a light shining on who we don’t want to be.

There was one thing argued about over and over again that we never really agreed with. Something that no matter what a photographer is legally entitled to it just feels wrong. And that’s sharing images of their clients even if they don’t want them shared.

So here’s the thing: Long ago we decided that no matter how much we may love a photo, or a gallery, or a family or senior or professional, if their wish is to remain private, we respect it.

OF COURSE! Can you imagine it any other way?

Anyway, here’s the point: You choose what’s done with your images.  We present them to you and you keep only what you love and then you decide what’s done with them.  We share on our own platform only with your permission, no exceptions.  Some of our favorite photo shoots and portraits that we’ve ever created have been for clients who wish to remain private, and the art is still just as sweet knowing that it’s in the hands of people who’ll treasure it forever.

Your images are yours, not ours.  We made them, we crafted them, we poured so much of our love into them, but then they become yours to keep, yours to hold.


The Woodford Sisters

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