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Over the past 18 months we’ve been working with more and more professionals who work in the design world.  Architects, designers, construction managers, realtors. It’s a busy field in Minneapolis, and one that fits well with polished headshots because so many clients pass through their world every day.

Some clients come to us for headshots with no idea what they need. Or even what they want.  They tell us they trust us and ask us to make them look good, so we do. Designers are different. They trust us, but we trust that they have an idea in their head about what they want the images to look like, how to match their brand.

But construction? That’s altogether different. They’re really good at following plans and executing design, but they’re not thinking about it too much.

Any entrepreneur, any creative is fun for us to work with.  But the team at Urban Refurbishment was especially important because the owner is my husband. GASP! I got to boss the boss around, unabashedly.

We know that not everyone likes having their pictures taken, and especially my husband’s field team, the guys who prefer to build and create and make rather than show off front and center. We’re good at what we do though, so it was smiles across the board (and we worked quickly!).

They nailed it.


The Woodford Sisters

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