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Why Spring Photo Shoots Are the Best Ever

Minnesota was cray this past winter.  Polar Vortex feels like an understatement for driving thru the city on ice wedges and snow banks, tires slip-sliding their way into parking spots and then not moving ’til they’ve got a tow.

It’s Springtime now, and we should be shouting it from the rooftops!  The wedges have melted and the grass is visible, even it’s brown and matted from the Vortex. Best yet, the  Springtime calendars are penciling in our cameras, and here are the top reasons why:

  1. The colors are muted. Everyone thinks you should schedule in the fall, but style trends are all about muted blends with pops of color. THE TIME IS NOW!
  2. Everyone is happier in the Spring. It’s also a major tick-up time for mental health challenges (high five for balancing that whole thing). But despite that clear dichotomy there’s a change in the air that occurs when the sun stays on our state for a little longer, when the air warms up enough to ditch your gear, and when you can be outside long enough for a photo shoot without your nose turning red.
  3. Blooms are fresh or not even out yet. If you love flowers, get booked for May or late April. If you love that de-saturated look of like 50% of Instagram accounts, then the best time is April before the buds bud on the bazillion trees in Minnesota.
  4. Mix up indoor/outdoor. Most of our clients aren’t interested in doing a mix of indoor and outdoor photo shoots when the weather is nice. But it doesn’t suck to have some studio shots and some outdoor ones. More the merrier, right?
  5. THE COLORS. You guys! Just peek outside the next time you’re driving, walking, running, biking, hiding, whatever. Tip your head up and look around. Springtime photographs differently. It’s lighter. Brighter. Cleaner and muted. It’s lovely. We’re obsessed.

See you soon.


The Woodford Sisters

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