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My former career was in the non-profit world. Supporting families at risk of having their kids removed from the home for abuse/neglect, then connecting kids with mentors from the community, and finally running after school youth programs with largely immigrant and refugee communities. I loved my work, but I felt like I was bursting with the need to do something more creative, more independent. I felt a change coming but didn’t know what it would be. ⠀

Then a warm day hit in the spring of 2014 and melted the snow so fast that a pipe broke and my office flooded with ice cold water. The only office in the building. Mine. Soaked. A clear sign that my work there was done, that if I wouldn’t leave on my own natural forces would push me out. Signs are everywhere but only if you’re looking, only if you want to see them. A window for change opened up four months later and I forced myself to resign and make a leap with my sister, who’s former career was being a supermodel. In hindsight, I CANNOT BELIEVE WE DID THAT but my goodness I’m so glad we did.

We didn’t start Woodford Sisters Photography and hit the ground running (although kind of). But if you really, really break it down, we worked so hard to reach the bar but the bar can’t be reached. It changes, it keeps moving further away, and then we added The Locket Sisters and fell in love with witnessing the stories of people from around the world and the reasons they want to keep their stories close. Their losses and loves, their peaks and valleys.

I didn’t know it when I quit my job in the non-profit world, but I was about to meet people and their lives in a whole new way that was just as intimate.  Maybe even moreso. Our clients have laughed so hard they cry and cried so hard we grabbed a box of kleenex. We keep our studio open much like we keep our homes open. Leave your shoes on and come in. Coffee is hot and the couch has blankets. We’ll take some photographs, too, but we’re here together to connect.


The Woodford Sisters

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