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Love from the Rooftop | Minneapolis Photographer

Minneapolis is a fantastic place to be a photographer.  A third of the year the sun sets to late that the golden hour brings us comfortable into into stars, and a third it’s so cold that we get to stay bundled in our studio. But then there are two sixths left over (still with me?) where one of them is breezy and dropping leaves while the other is springing fresh flowers left and right with muted colors as a palette.

But forget the weather for now – the city! Minneapolis has our heart, we feel a love for it that surprises us. City scapes, lakes, beaches, the foliage, THE FOLIAGE. The neighborhoods, the art, the politics. So many places we love to make photographs.

The love.

But what we love most about this city, more than anything else, is the people. We were raised in Minnesota, we grew up here, we left it, came back, and our work has allowed us to dig so deep with our roots that we feel like a big oak tree tree along the St. Croix river, one that stands the test of time despite floods or droughts or frost or storm.

Kelsey and Brian are two people who make life in this city even better. They’re partners in the best kind of way. Work, laugh, play, imagine, love, repeat. Engaged on a rooftop in The North Loop of Minneapolis with their costumes on and their closest friends and family by their side.  And a photographer in an Edna Mode costume, too. SURPRISE!


The Woodford Sisters

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