We love making headshots.  The whole craft, the whole process.  We revel in it. And this month we’ve got two days dedicated just to headshots: Wednesday, January 10th, and Friday, January 26th.  Scroll down to get in touch with Abby, our studio manager, about booking your shoot.

Hiring managers, casting directors, potential clients – they all see your image before you even meet them for the first time.  Our online presence has an impact on how polished our professional lives may be, and having a headshot that reflects your work ethic and work personality is important.

We make headshots for professionals and creatives of all kinds – real estate agents, actors, comedians, accountants, money managers, doctors, vice presidents, entrepreneurs and models.  We make headshots that speak to the audience who will see them, whomever that may be.  We make headshots for one person “solopreneurs,” a hundred-person teams, and everything in between.

To get information about booking your headshots contact our studio manager, Abby Singerhouse, at ws.studiomanager@gmail.com or by filling out the form below.