a polished professional photo of a female politician
a polished professional photo of a female politician

Does a headshot really matter?

Can we agree that if you’re in an industry that does not interact with clients, customers, managers, sales people, parents, children, or human beings in general, then you do not need a headshot? Yea? We agree? Ok.

But if you interact with clients, customers, networks, managers, supervisors, parents, children, contractors, employees, bosses, new hires, potential hires, artists, musicians, professors, owners or any other living human, you need a headshot.

Why? Let us ask you this: When you need to find a new business to do something, like, say, you need a realtor or a plumber, or a daycare provider or an accountant or cleaning lady or band or car dealership or a photographer (heyo!) or school or any service at all, do you Google it? Do you crowdsource it on Facebook? Do you then go to the company’s web site to see how it looks and what you think?

If you’re about to have coffee with someone for the first time – like a networking meeting or introduction or a new client or whatever – do you look at the little icon to see what their photo looks like? Do you ever crawl around on social media to see what someone looks like before you know them? Do you click through profile pictures on Facebook to check people out? Screen them? (Asking for a friend…)

So here’s why all of this adds up to the benefit of having a polished headshot.  Because – if we’re honest – do you need one? No. You need food, water, shelter, love.  But a headshot? A headshot is a need for people who have ambitions, who are building a business or an idea or a department or a sales team or a clientele.  It’s for people who love their job and want it to grow, who hate their job and want it to change, who want to continue to maintain a positive, polished presence among their network.

Growing a brand and creating a headshot that matches it is important, and it’s one of our favorite things about making headshots for professionals. We love to consider who will see it, who the audience is, what you’re trying to communicate, what the content of your career is.  What works well for one professional is not what the next needs – we custom design each headshot shoot to match your work. Our clients come from all over the Twin Cities and beyond, and from all walks of life + career.

Our studio manager, Abby, would love to give you all of the details about working with us.  Ready to leap?


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