We make portraits of children and families that we want to have of our own children, our own family.  One of my favorite images ever of my son is one that from just two years ago, and the image is so fleeting and relevant that my eyes get hot and swell with tears and my heart gets heavy, pushing my love for him right up to my throat every time I see it.  It’s him. It’s his smile.  It’s his movement, his laughter – I can hear him when I see this portrait, and I hope I still hear his little voice in twenty years when the image will become even more special, more fleeting.

We pose and don’t pose.  We capture the images our clients want to see because we work very hard during shoots to make sure you forget that you’re in the spotlight.  Or at least, forget that it’s such a big deal. Our chemistry as sisters disarms and relaxes, and when we get excited, you’ll know it. Feel it.  See it.  Laugh at it.  Fall in love with it, and have fun with it.