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How to Coordinate Instead of Match for Your Photo Shoot

A few years ago I saw Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (any Hills fans out there?) on The Today Show promoting some book to hang on to their 15 minutes and they had such disconnected clothing that I actually noticed it. And I love weird clothes.  So if I noticed it then it was not coordinated. He had on soft colors, like khaki and a gentle blue, while she wore leather pants and a cold red or something like that.  Whatever, the point is that they looked disconnected.

And in your photos, though the goal isn’t to look like twinsies, we do want your clothes to not be something that we notice. We want to notice you, so coordinated is good, matching is too much, and disconnected is too noticeable.

Still with us so far?

So, here are a few tips for selecting a coordinating wardrobe without looking like Justin and Britney in denim.

  1.  Pick a palette.  Common themes include gray/navy/denim, khaki/green/denim, blues/grays, pink/denim/white, and on and on. There really isn’t a wrong palette, and ultimately you want it to reflect who you are, and who your family is.
  2. Pop some color. Don’t be afraid to let someone flash a little color, especially if it’s in that person’s personality to generally do that. For example, my daughter loves to be fancy and she’s really girly, so she usually looks a lot more frilly than the rest of us! It ties in though because the material will coordinate with the res of us.
  3.  Same same but different. If you want your kids to have on the same shirt, get different colors, or at least different layers.
  4. Leap frog what goes where. If you’re wearing denim with a white shirt, make sure your partner isn’t also wearing denim with a white shirt.  Make their shirt gray or navy or change at least one half of it.
  5. Wear what you feel comfortable in. The most beautiful portraits are the ones where people feel like themselves, look like themselves, and aside from being chased by photographers they’re also acting like themselves. This happens when you feel comfortable. Don’t hide yourself, you are going to look beautiful! You’re important!
  6. Patterns can be great. Plaids, some prints, whatever. If it’s not overwhelming and the colors are somewhat on the same palette and it’s you? GO FOR IT!
  7. Don’t overthink it. Do you like it? Then it’s probably perfect.
  8. Bring options. Seriously. Bring. Options. People do it all the time, and we consult on the spot. People text us ideas, too, and we love that!

When it doubt, trust your gut.  If you think it looks funny it probably does. If you think it’s cute then it’s probably perfect to describe who you are 🙂


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