three kids standing by blue wall
family cuddling for photo by blue wall

The Minnesota Meltdown

Is it the snow? The cancelled schools all across Minnesota? Too much family time? The claustrophobia from everyone's junk being inside? Everyone's body being (mostly) inside? The load on our shoulders from trying to keep up with allthethings while the kids are also at home doing...
mom kissing her baby boy outside
family standing outside in fall

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book A Photo Shoot

When we were kids there wasn't as much of a movement for women to love their bodies as they are, to love their flaws et al. We were under the impression that you should kinda keep disliking yourself until you looked like someone from a  magazine, which is weird because we didn't grow up...
couple hugging on rooftop
rooftop proposal with couple in costumes

Love from the Rooftop | Minneapolis Photographer

Minneapolis is a fantastic place to be a photographer.  A third of the year the sun sets to late that the golden hour brings us comfortable into into stars, and a third it's so cold that we get to stay bundled in our studio. But then
construction team sitting on loading dock
painter carpenter headshot

Minneapolis Design + Construction | Headshots

Over the past 18 months we've been working with more and more professionals who work in the design world.  Architects, designers, construction managers, realtors. It's a busy field in Minneapolis, and one that fits well with polished headshots because so many clients pass through their world...
portraits of a high schooler
girl running through woods smiling at camera

Be Yourself, Seniors | St. Paul Portrait Photographer

We love meeting the people who will be running the world in the next generation.  They accept their weirdness, love their quirks, and enjoy indie fringe more than peers of our same age, or older.  They're lucky...
headshot of a young man in a tie
black and white of young man in tie

Kids Graduate

We've been clicking our cameras for long enough now that we're seeing people grow up.  Families expand.  Kids graduate. Come
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Five Things Photography Has Taught Me

I didn’t start out loving photography, I didn’t come to it because of a passion.  There is no history or taking photos of people in my childhood, no sentiment for the art. But there was always an interest in people, a curiosity regarding the human condition and psychology and expression. I walked backward...
young woman walking in forest
young woman walking in forest

The Sun is a Woman

The sun stayed away for 10 days, the grey settled in like heavy fog on our unworried lives, creeping in like Zebra Mussels that you find on your boat six months after it's last sail. Finally, it popped out from behind a tree and surprised...