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Minneapolis: A Gem of a City

Over the past four years we've learned how to be more than just sisters.  We've learned how to work together as business partners. We've learned how to tell each other politely to shut up, how act coy when we realize the other...
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We make lockets, too.

A few years ago we were featured in White Bear Lake Magazine and then shortly after we were in St. Croix Valley Mag, too (whhhyyyy didn't we hire a stylist for Allyssa on that shoot? Looks like she just got outta

Rest, too | Headshots with the Woodford Sisters

My barista (yes, he's MY barista) asked me how I was this morning and I entered into a dissertation about how tired I was but that it didn't make sense because I cut out sugar and have been getting...
bride and groom just married
bride and groom on wedding day
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Just Married | Minneapolis Wedding

We grew up with a big family.  Dozens of cousins, dozens of aunts and uncles, lots of siblings and grandparents and our parents are even still married (more than 40 years!). We went to a lot of weddings.  We were flower girls and guests and bridesmaids and assistants and loved that...
a polished professional photo of a female politician
a polished professional photo of a female politician

How to Prep for Your Headshots

If your headshot is a screenshot from a cute photo of you on Instagram that you zoomed in and cropped, your next step should be to book a shoot with us. You need a real headshot. Something polished. It communicates that you give..
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Why We Print For Our Clients

I met a woman nearly 15 years ago while we were both studying Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador. She is Swiss, her name is Dawn, and the best part of her personality was how often she tripped when she walked because she was always looking up and around at the world. She'd trip, laugh, keep...
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Inspired by High School Seniors

Inspiration for us, when we were kids, moved between winning a basketball game and getting an awesome hand-me-down from our parents' friends' kids (who were also our friends).  We weren't good at basketball, but we loved when our teams won anyway. Our world was small, our lives were...
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Photograph of the WoodFord Sisters

We are Art-a-Whirl-ing!

Each year since we moved in to our studio inside the California Building we've heard about Art-a-Whirl and it's magic. People, music, art, food, more art, open doors, handshakes and hugs, connections and community...