intern adjusting camera in photography studio

Do Something, Do Anything | Meet Olivia Rossi

Have you seriously considered how many smart + creative people there are in the world? Spend 10 minutes on Instagram or Pinterest and see for yourself.  Better yet, ask questions to business owners about how they built their businesses and you'll find all kind of incredible ideas about how problems are solved, campaigns are ...
headshot of female politician
headshot of female politician

Does a headshot really matter?

Can we agree that if you're in an industry that does not interact with clients, customers, managers, sales people, parents, children, or human beings in general, then you do not need a headshot? Yea? We agree? Ok. But if you interact with clients, customers, networks, managers, supervisors, parents, children, contractors, employees, bosses, new hires...
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Holding a Photograph

I read something recently about the absurdity of some of the images my generation (we're in our mid 30s) or perhaps mores the one younger than us will pass down to their grandchildren. "Come 'ere, honey.  Gramma's gonna show you a meme of herself as a deer from Snapchat." Ridiculous.  Black mirror, ridiculous - but also, not entirely representative of the whole story, so as two women who work in the portrait industry, who work with cameras and printers and canvases and images and memories and feelings and emotions and all of...
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Good/Hard Problems Lead to a Studio Manager

We had a few epiphanies in 2017 (didn't everyone though?).  And generally, these kinds of things happen at a low point, which oddly often simultaneously occurs during a high point, which is why life is hard sometimes, isn't it? Good hard, hard hard, laugh-tip-you-cry hard, work-so-hard hard.  But good.  So so good.  Some days my love

Where have the 1990s gone?

Do you remember the days when life was hidden? No one could find you even if they tried? No cell phones, no social media, barely internet and a few of us had emails at or AOL but lord have mercy we weren't DMing and PMing or Snapping or Instagramming or Facebooking or getting stuck on
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11 Things We Wish We Knew When We Were 18

If we could go back and talk to ourselves when we were seniors in high school we'd have more than a few things to say.  But none of it would matter, right? Because you have to experience these things in real time to really grasp them. Advice is wonderful, but experience is altering. It bends ...
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Design + Influence

You know those mind-bending people who think on another playing field and bend the way you see things? You don't even know they're doing it, really.  You meet them, then walk away a little befuddled (forgive the vocabulary but that's exactly the word needed) and then it takes a minute, or an hour, or a meditation or a week or hell, even a dec...


For the third year in a row, Santa Claus will be making a special visit to our studio.  His red suit, the Christmas cookies, the full decor in our studio, the complete experience of no rush and beautiful images - it all adds up to more than a photo shoot.  It's an experience for children (and their parents) to
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high school senior young woman standing in field
high school senior sitting on road
young woman smiling in sunny field

Growing Up by the Lake: Mahtomedi senior portraits

We grew up in Mahtomedi, a little bedroom town northeast of St. Paul, Minnesota.  It's a land of lakes and trees and ponds and dirts roads and a wonderful education.  Despite the things we had to learn when we left home for the rest of the world (read: how to ride a public bus) there were so...