bride and groom just married
bride and groom on wedding day
bridal party in minneapolis street

Just Married | Minneapolis Wedding

We grew up with a big family.  Dozens of cousins, dozens of aunts and uncles, lots of siblings and grandparents and our parents are even still married (more than 40 years!). We went to a lot of weddings.  We were flower girls and guests and bridesmaids and assistants and loved that...
a polished professional photo of a female politician
a polished professional photo of a female politician

How to Prep for Your Headshots

If your headshot is a screenshot from a cute photo of you on Instagram that you zoomed in and cropped, your next step should be to book a shoot with us. You need a real headshot. Something polished. It communicates that you give..
photo albums on a table
photo of frame samples

Why We Print For Our Clients

I met a woman nearly 15 years ago while we were both studying Spanish in Cuenca, Ecuador. She is Swiss, her name is Dawn, and the best part of her personality was how often she tripped when she walked because she was always looking up and around at the world. She'd trip, laugh, keep...
woman in red dress posing for camera

Inspired by High School Seniors

Inspiration for us, when we were kids, moved between winning a basketball game and getting an awesome hand-me-down from our parents' friends' kids (who were also our friends).  We weren't good at basketball, but we loved when our teams won anyway. Our world was small, our lives were...
two sisters on a bench
Photograph of the WoodFord Sisters

We are Art-a-Whirl-ing!

Each year since we moved in to our studio inside the California Building we've heard about Art-a-Whirl and it's magic. People, music, art, food, more art, open doors, handshakes and hugs, connections and community...
little boy on dock in summer headshot
smiling family photo

Five Best Locations for Photo Shoots in the Twin Cities

Alright, let's get right to it. This year has been the year where we realized we've learned a lot.  We know a lot.  We see a lot. And now it's time to share a lot.  We're going to let you in on a couple of our favorite locations in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding areas) for photographing families.  And engagements and kids, too.  And senior portraits. You could...
young woman smiling in sunny field
Photography of a Beautiful Girl Smiling

Senior Portraits | Class of 2018

Do you get so much done when you're under pressure? Sit around, do nothing, check Instagram, check it again, read the news, make a quesadilla, grab the Sriracha for your quesadilla, read five emails, make another quesadilla, and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN GET IT ALL DONE BEFORE THE...
mom helping little girl

Hygge Winter: Designing + Growing

We trust that you don't think about us as much as we think about you. And that's probably the reason you haven't noticed that we've been a little quieter on here lately than our normal talk-yell-work banter. But, rest your non-concerned heart assured that these sisters have been twiddling and solving and creating and thinking and working and building and thinking a lot this winter. Designing. Growing...

The work thats cracking us open.

Maybe it's getting older, maybe it's the Newtown documentary I watched last night, maybe it's this work. But something is cracking me open in the most chaotic, most beautiful way.  The kind of way where you don't have to hide it even if whatever you're feeling is so deep and heavy and pieced or whole. It's real and it's happening. And my intuition tells me it's got something to do with...
A photo of a family
a family in a field

Sisterhood | The Woodford Sisters

If we think of our childhood, we think of our mother sitting on the front living room couch, legs up to the side of her, on the phone with a coffee in hand.  Early.  Always. Before work, after work, weekends. Early on the weekends.  Like, teenagers yelling "be quiet!" early (but really it was like 9am - that's not that early...). She'd call a friend.  Jean, Eileen, Dorothy...