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Woodford Sisters Minneapolis Professional Photographers

Senior Portraits | Class of 2018

Do you get so much done when you're under pressure? Sit around, do nothing, check Instagram, check it again, read the news, make a quesadilla, grab the Sriracha for your quesadilla, read five emails, make another quesadilla, and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN GET IT ALL DONE BEFORE THE...
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Hygge Winter: Designing + Growing

We trust that you don't think about us as much as we think about you. And that's probably the reason you haven't noticed that we've been a little quieter on here lately than our normal talk-yell-work banter. But, rest your non-concerned heart assured that these sisters have been twiddling and solving and creating and thinking and working and building and thinking a lot this winter. Designing. Growing...

The work thats cracking us open.

Maybe it's getting older, maybe it's the Newtown documentary I watched last night, maybe it's this work. But something is cracking me open in the most chaotic, most beautiful way.  The kind of way where you don't have to hide it even if whatever you're feeling is so deep and heavy and pieced or whole. It's real and it's happening. And my intuition tells me it's got something to do with...
A photo of a family
Woodford Sisters Minneapolis Professional Photographers

Sisterhood | The Woodford Sisters

If we think of our childhood, we think of our mother sitting on the front living room couch, legs up to the side of her, on the phone with a coffee in hand.  Early.  Always. Before work, after work, weekends. Early on the weekends.  Like, teenagers yelling "be quiet!" early (but really it was like 9am - that's not that early...). She'd call a friend.  Jean, Eileen, Dorothy...
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A Good Craft | The Locket Sisters

Remember making mud pies? We do. We'd sit on the curb next to the sewer drain with a bucket and a shovel and scoop the sand from the ponds and mix it with the runoff from recent rainstorms. We'd carry them back to Duck Creek in our backyard, which was really just a duck-shaped sewer...
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Do Something, Do Anything | Meet Olivia Rossi

Have you seriously considered how many smart + creative people there are in the world? Spend 10 minutes on Instagram or Pinterest and see for yourself.  Better yet, ask questions to business owners about how they built their businesses and you'll find all kind of incredible ideas about how problems are solved, campaigns are ...
a polished professional photo of a female politician
a polished professional photo of a female politician

Does a headshot really matter?

Can we agree that if you're in an industry that does not interact with clients, customers, managers, sales people, parents, children, or human beings in general, then you do not need a headshot? Yea? We agree? Ok. But if you interact with clients, customers, networks, managers, supervisors, parents, children, contractors, employees, bosses, new hires...
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Holding a Photograph

I read something recently about the absurdity of some of the images my generation (we're in our mid 30s) or perhaps mores the one younger than us will pass down to their grandchildren. "Come 'ere, honey.  Gramma's gonna show you a meme of herself as a deer from Snapchat." Ridiculous.  Black mirror, ridiculous - but also, not entirely representative of the whole story, so as two women who work in the portrait industry, who work with cameras and printers and canvases and images and memories and feelings and emotions and all of...
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Good/Hard Problems Lead to a Studio Manager

We had a few epiphanies in 2017 (didn't everyone though?).  And generally, these kinds of things happen at a low point, which oddly often simultaneously occurs during a high point, which is why life is hard sometimes, isn't it? Good hard, hard hard, laugh-tip-you-cry hard, work-so-hard hard.  But good.  So so good.  Some days my love