portraits of a high schooler
girl running through woods smiling at camera

Be Yourself, Seniors | St. Paul Portrait Photographer

We love meeting the people who will be running the world in the next generation.  They accept their weirdness, love their quirks, and enjoy indie fringe more than peers of our same age, or older.  They're lucky...
headshot of a young man in a tie
black and white of young man in tie

Kids Graduate

We've been clicking our cameras for long enough now that we're seeing people grow up.  Families expand.  Kids graduate. Come
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Five Things Photography Has Taught Me

I didn’t start out loving photography, I didn’t come to it because of a passion.  There is no history or taking photos of people in my childhood, no sentiment for the art. But there was always an interest in people, a curiosity regarding the human condition and psychology and expression. I walked backward...
young woman walking in forest
young woman walking in forest

The Sun is a Woman

The sun stayed away for 10 days, the grey settled in like heavy fog on our unworried lives, creeping in like Zebra Mussels that you find on your boat six months after it's last sail. Finally, it popped out from behind a tree and surprised...
senior portrait of a young woman smiling
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Don’t Proofread Yourself

I never proof-read what I write on here because if I did I'd check myself twice or three times and wonder if it was okay, if it was any good, if anyone would read it.And if they did, would they leave us forever and never come back to our cyber abyss? What would they think of us? How can
retired couple sitting on dock at sunset
retired couple sitting on dock together

Milestones and the In Between | Portraits

When Pam called us to see if we had time for a photo shoot to mark the milestone of her and her husband's retirement and their wedding anniversary before they took off indefinitely in their RV we were kinda like, "Wait, what?" and were knocking on her door with our cameras within like 15 minutes. Yes. Yes yes yes. This is exactly the kind of thing we will...
family sitting on a loading dock
brother and sister sitting on steps with dog

The Meaure of a Portrait

We didn't grow up with regular family photos. Hell, my childhood photo album is essentially a couple of portraits stuck between sticky sheets at the back of Amy's, which is probably at the back of the first born's chronology of his life's work. And that doesn't even include any photography of our other...
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Minneapolis: A Gem of a City

Over the past four years we've learned how to be more than just sisters.  We've learned how to work together as business partners. We've learned how to tell each other politely to shut up, how act coy when we realize the other...
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three gold pendant lockets
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We make lockets, too.

A few years ago we were featured in White Bear Lake Magazine and then shortly after we were in St. Croix Valley Mag, too (whhhyyyy didn't we hire a stylist for Allyssa on that shoot? Looks like she just got outta

Rest, too | Headshots with the Woodford Sisters

My barista (yes, he's MY barista) asked me how I was this morning and I entered into a dissertation about how tired I was but that it didn't make sense because I cut out sugar and have been getting...