Well, hello!  We’re Amy and Allyssa – the sisters behind Woodford Sisters Photography.  Amy is the older of the two (and totally looks it, jeez…) and Allyssa is the redhead.  We know that choosing a photographer is a really personal experience – you let people with cameras join intimate moments of your life with expectations that we capture something really incredible as a keepsake for life.  We totally get it. We wrote a little about ourselves so you can shop us before deciding to hire us.  Thanks so much for being here.

Amy and Allyssa are two of five siblings who grew up in Mahtomedi, a little town/suburb NE of St. Paul, close to the rivertown of Stillwater, MN.  It’s a lovely little community, and we’re grateful for the friendships  and education we gained there.

After high school, Amy went to school at the University of MN, Duluth, and then took off for Paris, Milan, Germany and NYC as her career as a model boomed.  Like, really just got bangin’ good.  Ever the lover of homemade, creative, healthy lifestyles, Amy started a small consulting business focused on healthy eating after studying holistic nutrition.  She and her husband have three children and loved their sweet little family life in Brooklyn, NY, where they spent over a decade before deciding they wanted to slow down, spread out, and call Grandma for coffee and relief on the regular.  They now live in a country home in Stillwater, MN, where many of our shoots take place, because it’s an amazing space.  They added a dog and a sewing room and are building their appreciation for a slower lifestyle piece by piece.  Life is different, but it’s so good.

Allyssa studied journalism and Spanish in Minnesota State University, Mankato, and then took off with skis and hiking boots for Denver, Colorado with her boyfriend (now husband).  They spent their twenties biking, snowshoeing, camping, rock climbing, skiing, building careers, and ultimately packing up and buying one-way tickets to South America.  When the money ran out, they moved to Minneapolis, MN, as planned, where they’ve settled in, fallen in love with this creative and independent community, and had two children, too.  Allyssa built her career in non-profit program management and social justice, freckled with stints writing blogs about teaching yoga and traveling – never quite feeling fulfilled by the lack of creativity and art in her work until she took the plunge with her sister.  Now, she loves owning a business and the limitless creativity and opportunity (and hard work) it presents.

We have both been shooting and playing with cameras and photography for years.  Our parents never spoiled us (trust us on that), but our Mom always encouraged creativity and imagination and our Dad just told us to get lost (kidding) so imagination as entertainment – again – was abundant. As a result, we need to have creative careers. And we just love everything about this art.  We came to our photographic passions independent of each other through our own life stories, but we are constantly talking, texting, emailing, sharing, uploading, critiquing, sharing everything with one another.  We love styling and directing shoots, having fun with clients and building community through the relationships we gain, editing and sharing your story through images.  We are so grateful for this path – and we would love to add you to our inner circle!


The Woodford Sisters