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Five Best Locations for Photo Shoots in the Twin Cities

Alright, let’s get right to it. This year has been the year where we realized we’ve learned a lot.  We know a lot.  We see a lot. And now it’s time to share a lot. We’re going to let you in on a couple of our favorite locations in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding areas) for photographing families.  And engagements and kids, too.  And senior portraits. You could photograph your dog or yourself or your brunch.  Whatever. You do you, baby. You do you.


  1.  Sunset at Lake Elmo Park Reserve.

You guys.  The possibilities are SO ENDLESS HERE.  We grew up in Mahtomedi, so close to this reserve, but we never spent time there.  Not sure why. Don’t really care why. What matters is that we reconnected with it last summer to photograph a family, and then we kept. going. back. And we kept finding new perspectives, new landscapes, new hills and trees and waters and shadows and lights. It’s a huge space.  It does have an entrance fee, but just get over and it and pay for it.  It’s for the Earth, right?

2.  Minnehaha Creek

Miles and miles of creek.  Small creek, definitely not a river.  Like just enough creek to let you (read: your photographer) take off her shoes and get in the water to chase the shot. (We’ll do it again, people. It’s all for the shot). The reflections on the water, the light bouncing and shadowing , and the trees – Oh, the TREES! – make this spot versatile, easy for kids to run and play, and fun for every age.  We know it’s important to have space to move and wiggle and squirm between shots. This place does that for you (and your kids, too).

3.  The weird cement thingies alongside Hiawatha Ave in S. Mpls.

We don’t know how to make it any more specific. We accidentally found this place, and we love it so much that we keep going back for more. And more. You’re going to arrive and be like, “Were they crazy?” (The answer is yes. Yes, we are crazy. But also, it photographs so well). The backdrop comes out grey and blue and weird and artistic but really when you get there you’ll be like, “This dump?” We do not recommend going to this place along.  Seriously. It’s not like the worst location ever, but we’ve felt a little weird before and left promptly. It’s like one block in from Hwy 55/Hiawatha Ave on the eastside of the highway.  Alongside it.  You’ll see a ton of industrial tubular tower things. Go there. Enjoy.

4.  Lake Nokomis

We’re starting to realize that a lot of these are in South Minneapolis.  And that our list needs to be extended to like the 10 best spots because we’re barely scratching the surface. Ok whatevs – so Lake Nokomis has Weeping Willows, sandy beaches, marshy areas, bridges, cement… It has so much to work with.  We’re obsessed! It never fails.  Be sure to go early in the morning or late at night though. No one likes high sun shadows in an outdoor shoot, right?

5. Our Studio

We know this limits access to just our clients, but we came here to tell truths not lies. And the reality is that our studio and the space around it makes beautiful images. It also makes espresso, lattes, tea, vegan Bahn Mi sandwiches and the best coffee in the world at Mojo’s downstairs. We have tall ceilings, huge windows, wide open indoor spaces, green spaces, cement and brick and worn and new and fresh and warm. We’ve got the ability to continue to make beautiful portraits regardless of what the weather brings. You’ll love it.

6.  Secret safe.

We’d never give away every secret. We save those for our clients. They deserve the best, so we’re sure to save a few things just for them.


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