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My barista (yes, he’s MY barista) asked me how I was this morning and I entered into a dissertation about how tired I was but that it didn’t make sense because I cut out sugar and have been getting plenty of rest and we have really good central air at our house and it just doesn’t make sense, ya know?

Been working a lot? he asked.

OMG, I think you’re right. It’s stress.  It’s totally stress. I need to relax.

Thank you, barista. Thank you.

Raise your hand if you love your job! You raising your hand with me? I love my job. We love our job. We race to the studio, we reflect on it during our morning cup of coffee, we lay awake at night with ideas and dreams spinning and excitement about getting back at it the next day.

But here’s the thing: Even if you love your work, you must rest, too. And the older I get, the more visceral that need becomes. My brain wants to stop thinking. My chest wants to exhale. My shoulders want to de-clench.

Sometimes my rest is a walk around my neighborhood lake with no phone. Totally unplugged. Just me and my walking shoes. Sometimes it’s watching Queer Eye on Netflix (OBSESSED).  Occasionally it’s yoga. Once in a while it’s vacation. And this week, it’s time at our parents’ cabin with boat rides and kids swimming and docks and fishing and sunblock and  our Mom making us coffee and omelettes.

Rest, we will do. We will be. Because it gives our brains the space to stir up the creativity we love to pour into our work every. single. day.


The Woodford Sisters

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